Write Your Marketing Message with Your Strategy in Mind


Write Your Marketing Message with Your Strategy in Mind

Your marketing message explains to your target audience the unique value your product or service offers. Before you can explain this, however, you need a solid business strategy first. With this in place, it’s much easier to drill down and clarify the message you need to get across to your market.

It is important to have a business strategy in place before you start promoting your product or service. Once this is done, it will be easier to clarify what the target customer needs from your marketing message.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

The process of creating a business strategy starts with identifying your target market. Who is the person who can best use what you have to offer? Start by creating a detailed customer profile that identifies the one person who would benefit the most from your product or service. This is your ideal customer, the person you’re focused on attracting with your marketing message.

For example, you offer coaching services for small businesses just getting started with digital marketing. You would create a customer profile of a small business owner, identifying their demographics such as age and location, along with their core values, attitudes, buying behavior, and pain points.

You can’t create an effective strategy and marketing message custom-tailored to your audience without first knowing exactly who this audience is.

Position Yourself in the Market

There’s stiff competition in the market for any type of product or service. You need to explain to customers not only what you can do for them, but what sets you apart from others in the market who offer something similar. This is called positioning – it defines your position in the market.

You can resolve this by looking at what your competition is offering. For example, if you're competing in the baby products niche, see how other companies are maintaining their position in that space.

In digital marketing, you offer value-added content to people who are looking for solutions to their problems. To do this well, you need to position yourself as an expert. Choose some specific areas of your niche where you have particular experience or expertise.


Clarify the Benefits

Marketing is not just about your product and what it does well. Marketing is also about the customer and their needs, and how your product or service helps them meet these needs. Because of this, your marketing strategy should clarify to customers that you provide value if they buy from you.

How does your product improve the lives of those who use it? What concrete benefits are offered to users when using your product? When pitching or selling products, what message do you present in regards to how life will be once someone starts using the many unique features offered by your company's product offering.


Put It All Together

One size doesn't fit all. Your marketing message should vary slightly depending on which communication channel you're using to reach your audience. You'll speak to them in a different way on social media than you would online or via email newsletter, for example.

Make sure that you know who your customer is and what they're hoping to accomplish when connecting with you. Make a plan of action tailored to their needs at every step.

For example, when people are on social media they’re just discovering your business or starting to interact with your content. Your email subscribers may be already primed to buy and considering the product more closely. How do you speak to them differently in each situation?

It is important to set clear goals for your marketing outreach, prioritizing how it meets customers’ needs and speaks to their values.


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